The Importance for Commercial Fleet Trucks of Preventing Empty DEF Containers

A large number of vehicles traveling the nation’s roads run on diesel fuel. Pickup trucks, big RVs and large commercial trucks are the most common examples in the United States. A limited number of cars, mostly manufactured in other countries, also run on this fuel. Heavy equipment on construction sites and machinery used in agriculture rely on diesel power. All the vehicles are required by law to use diesel exhaust fluid to reduce emissions.

Fluid Availability

Fleet owners have the option of keeping a supply of a product like BlueDEF on site so the containers on the trucks can be refilled there. The fluid also is available at fuel stations that sell diesel. Drivers on the road must make sure the container does not run out, or the vehicle will not allow them to travel above a very low speed. The dashboard gives plenty of warning far ahead of time, so this should never happen.

Relying on a Supplier

Fleet owners and managers will want to find a very reputable supplier of high-quality products like the brand PEAKHD. The supplier must be able to promptly deliver the product as needed. The commercial vehicles that run on diesel will not be able to function properly without it, so it’s as important as any other essential vehicle fluids. Driving for a short time without the fluid blending into the exhaust will not damage the vehicle, but speed is limited to only 5 miles per hour. Drivers can carry a small container of DEF in the truck to prevent this from happening.

On-Site Dispensing

The dispensing unit should be located in a place with enough ventilation so drivers aren’t directly inhaling the fumes. Generally, diesel exhaust fluid fumes are harmless, but they do contain a certain amount of ammonia because of the automotive-grade urea in DEF. If inhalation does occur, the person dispensing the fluid can simply step away and get some fresh air.

An Easy Process

Keeping track of the fluid in the vehicle and in the fleet’s dispensing area is easy, but some men and women seem to have trouble with it due to procrastination and forgetfulness. It’s the same problem some individuals have with checking their oil now and then or making sure a container they know has a leak always has enough fluid in it. A container of fluid can last for months for most drivers, but those who travel over the road or put on substantial miles throughout the week must be more cautious.


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